Stephen Robinson Discusses Cybercrime on BBC Radio Lancashire

Stephen Robinson, Managing Director of Mitigate Cyber Security was asked to part in a radio discussion around the threat of cybercrime on BBC Radio Lancashire’s breakfast show this morning, May 13th.

Alongside Dr Dan Prince of Security Lancaster, Lancaster University’s Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security academic research, the pair were asked about the threat of cybercrime for SMEs and about the motivation for the newly launched North West Cyber Security Cluster. 

Following this, their comments were put to a representative of the Federation of Small Businesses, who reiterated the size and rate of growth of the problem to SMEs, urging them to implement cyber security before it is too late. 

To listen to the section, follow this link:

You can read more about the launch of NWCSC (North West Cyber Security Cluster) on the North West Business Insider, here:


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