Cyber security awareness training for your team

Scenario-based, interactive cyber security awareness training for all your employees covering the four, key areas of concern. Effectively reduce your organisation’s cyber risk in real time.

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mitilearn cyber security awareness training helps you…

Reduce Risk of Hacking

Lower your cyber risk with up-to-date, NCSC-certified course modules. Now, your whole team will understand their role in mitigating cyber risk.

Support Employee Development

Invest in your team with CPD-approved course content. One-click tracking and reporting makes cyber security compliance easy to implement.

Simplify risk management and compliance

Mitilearn links employee progress to organisational risk. Rapidly identify weaknesses in your security and strengthen them with targeted training.

Can you afford a security incident?

Today, hacking, cyber breaches and internal security errors are no longer the exception

0 %
of UK businesses will experience a cyber attack or breach this year.
0 %
of Cyber breaches will be triggered by staff error.
0 %
of employees receive no cyber security training from their employer.
0 %
of UK FTSE 350 boards said they were not trained to deal with an incident.

Ready to get started?

Why Choose mitilearn?

The benefits of using the Mitigate as your cyber security solution are many.
Here’s a few of the most popular:

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Sticky Content

Modules use narrative structures carefully designed to make them easy to understand and remember.

Flexible Design

Mitilearn gives you the freedom to build your own training content and policies on top of our core modules.

Automated for convenience

Add expiration dates for training content. This makes staff retraining simple if you’re in a highly regulated market such as finance, professional services and digital health.

Simple Reporting

Effortlessly track and report your employees’, teams’ and organisation’s progress. Watch your organisational risk score decrease in real-time.

How does it work?

There are 5 simple steps to lowering your security risk with Mitilearn:

Step 1


Step 2

Complete eLearning modules

Step 3

Take Assessments

Step 4

Sign Policies

Step 5

Reach Trusted Status

Step 2

Complete eLearning Modules

Step 4

Sign Policies

High Risk

Step 1


Step 3

Take Assessments

Mitigated Risk

Step 5

Reach Trusted Status

Trusted Cyber Security Advisors To Companies Worldwide

Ready to protect your business?

Additional cyber training


NCSC-Certified Cyber Awareness Training Academy

Get the skills to take responsibility for your own cyber defence.
Mitilearn Academy features training and assessments certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) who are part of UK Government’s Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Mitilearn is also available to individuals who wish to improve their awareness of cyber and information security.

Professional Board-level training

Prepare leadership teams to deal with security breaches from the top-down.

Surviving a major security breach requires strong leadership. But demonstrating leadership can be hard if your Board lacks knowledge on cyber security. In fact, 72% of UK FTSE 350 boards are not trained to deal with an incident.

Board and partner training
Cyber essentials training certification



Our National Cyber Security Center & CPD Certified Consultant online Course will provide the latest understanding of the scope and requirements of the Cyber Essentials Standard. This will enable you to become a fully certified Cyber Essentials Consultant.

Social Engineering training

 lessen the risk and impact of being breached through social engineering.

Our training is developed to aid prevention by educating people about the value of the information they have access to, training them to protect it and increasing awareness of how social engineers operate and the effects of an attack.

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