Board-level cyber security training

Embed cyber safety from your boardroom down

Give your board the knowledge to lead the fight against cyber threats with this training session.

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Security in the financial services industry

For Many Businesses, Cyber Resilience Isn’t Just An IT Problem, It’s A Regulatory Issue. That’s Especially True If You Work In Banking Or Fintech.

Banking Financial Services

If you work for a financial services firm and experience a security breach event, you must report it to the Financial Conduct Authority.

A breach event must be reported if:

  • Results in significant loss of data, or the availability or control of its IT systems
  • Impacts a large number of victims
  • Results in unauthorised access to, or malicious software on, your information and communication systems

The FCA specifically recommends board-level NCSC-assured training to mitigate the risk of security breaches.

“Firms of all sizes need to develop a ‘security culture’, from the board down to every employee. Firms should be able to identify and prioritise their information assets.”

Ready to get started?

Don’t wait until it’s too late

If your business can’t afford a cyber breach, this NCSC-assured training session sets you on the right path.

Throughout the one hour seminar, your board will discuss:

Your business assets

Who may be interested in obtaining these assets and why

The impact a breach would have on your business

Following board-level training participants will be able to:

Course details

Cyber attacks are on the rise.

Give your board the power to protect your organisation from cyber security threats. Why wait?

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