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Supporting your cyber security compliance journey

A three-step approach to achieving the cyber security compliance and certification you need.

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Miticomply helps you…

Comply with regulatory standards

If you are responsible for compliance, Miticomply keeps you ‘audit-ready’ 24/7. Demonstrate policies are up-to-date, fully signed and version-controlled with Miticomply’s simple-to-use interface.

Simplify policy management

Sign policies and certificates within the Mitilearn Hub or upload documents from third-parties. Miticomply makes centralised policy management simple and safe.

Meet your GDPR requirements

With Miticomply, you will meet all the mandated legal, compliance and technology requirements. Be confident you’re GDPR-compliant.

Can you afford a security incident?

Today, hacking, cyber breaches and internal security errors are no longer the exception

0 %
of UK businesses will experience a cyber attack or breach this year.
0 %
of Cyber breaches will be triggered by staff error.
0 %
of employees receive no cyber security training from their employer.
0 %
of UK FTSE 350 boards said they were not trained to deal with an incident

Looking for free resources on compliance?

Follow the link to download Compliance Foundation resources that explain more about GDPR and how to comply with it.

12 NCSC Certified
Cyber Security Policy Templates

We have created a certified policy templates pack to get you going. 

Online Security

Password Policy
Email Policy
Internet Usage Policy

Information Security

Information Classification Policy
Cryptographic Policy
Backup Policy

Personal Security

Social Engineering Policy
Disposal & Destruction Policy
Clean Desk Policy


Remote Working Policy
Public WI-FI Policy
Bring Your Own Device Policy

Compliance services

GDPR: The General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR introduces tougher fines for non-compliance and breaches, and gives people more say over what can be done with their data.

ISO 27001: Information Security Management System

ISO 27001 is a standard concerned with
information security procedures of all your areas of your business. This includes communications with clients and how your information security policy is implemented by  personnel.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliance

Any business set up to take credit cards (by any mechanism) needs to be PCI DSS compliant. With Miticomply, compliance is easy.

Microsoft Office 365 Review

With the transition to the cloud, there has been a notable rise in security incidents involving cloud platforms and services.

Microsoft 365 is one of those that are highly targeted due to its popularity and the valuable hosted data. Compromising Microsoft 365 users allows attackers to remotely access sensitive data in the cloud without having to penetrate the corporate perimeter. 

Mitigate Cyber proactively reviews and improves common misconfigurations, process weaknesses, and exploitation methods, allowing organisations to rest easy in the knowledge they have reduced risk and improved overall security.

Ready to start your compliance journey?

Miticomply is here and ready to help your organisation meet compliance standards, just book a demo to see how it can work for you. If you have any more questions feel free to get in touch.

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