GameOver Zeus, Our advice & Recommendations

GameOver Zeus is a Trojan Horse computer malware. Previous version of Zeus has been around for a while and have always been known for stealing bank details. Over the years criminals have tweaked the malware to perform better at evading anti viruses and maintaining access on the victims computers.

The Zeus controllers are given the options to target specific information that they are interested in such as login credentials for banks or certain social media websites. In the past Zeus has compromised over 74,000 FTP accounts for websites and serves.

GameOver Zeus is spread mainly through drive-by downloads and phishing schemes. Once the piece of malware is on your computer it can take advantage of vulnerabilities on your system and poor security to take control.

To detect Zeus you must ensure you have the latest version of antivirus and antimalware installed on your commuter and you have the most recent signature updates installed. Run a full scan in safe mode and use appropriate toolkits if available to remove the infection.

To defend against Zeus its highly recommended for businesses to carry out regular vulnerability scanning on their networks and apply most recent available patches. Penetration testing can help you find security holes on your website and networks. A penetration test report usually details on areas of your infrastructure that are vulnerable and what steps you can take to mitigate those vulnerabilities. It is also highly recommended for businesses to continue to offer training to users to teach them not to click on hostile or suspicious links in emails or Web sites and become victims to social engineering attacks.

You can continue to defend yourself by installing latest security tools, install browser protection software and keep all your software and operating systems up to date. 

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