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Our Web Application Scanning service will ensure your websites, apps and networks are secure and running as they should be

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Mitihack Web App Scanning helps you…

Identify holes in your security

Identify weaknesses in your website, apps, and network.

Protect data from hackers

Show Clients You’re Serious About the Protection of Your Data

Meet required security standards

Periodic scanning is a requirement of standards, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

Can you afford a security incident?

Hacking, cyber breaches and internal security errors are no longer the exception

0 %
of UK businesses will experience a cyber attack or breach this year.
0 %
of Cyber breaches will be triggered by staff error.
0 %
of employees receive no cyber security training from their employer.
0 %
of UK FTSE 350 boards said they were not trained to deal with an incident.

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Why Choose mitihack?

The benefits of using the Mitigate as your cyber security solution are many.
Here’s a few of the most popular:

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Zero day detection

Detect security flaws that are previously unknown and undisclosed. Our support team will work with you to ensure your apps and systems are secure with all vulnerabilities resolved.

Browser-based crawler

To rectify issues with modern web applications built on frameworks such as Angular and ReactTS, we use a browser-based crowler that combines application modelling techniques and subtle heuristical cues to automatically discover the complete attack surface of any given application.

Easy to use scripting language

With application components that require manual navigation rather than automated scanning, we include an easy-to-use scripting language that can navigate and scan complex workflows and single-page applications.

OWASP Top 10

OWASP Top 10 Web application scanning covers all known vulnerability classes including all of the OWASP top 10. Easily view and manage all your known OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities in dashboards, scans and reports.

Intrested in Penetration Testing?

Automated Web Application Scanner

Our Web Application Scanning service will ensure your websites, apps and networks are secure and running as they should be.

Mitigate will configure the scan profile for your chosen target domain. Once results are in you can mark issues as fixed, false positives and scan again as much as you want. For a more detail manual assessment we recommend penetration testing.

Realtime Intelligent Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning is a comprehensive automated process of assessing and identifying network vulnerabilities and providing a report that includes details of all identified vulnerabilities.

You can’t secure what you can’t see or don’t know. Deploying Mitintel provide organisations with real-time visibility of their global IT assets, regardless of location, providing actionable intelligence and response capabilities.

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