Cyber Intel

Real Time Visibility,
Intelligent Scanning

Reduce the risk of a cyber breach through our intelligence-led, cloud-based vulnerability scanning and third-party breach notifications.

Cyber Intel helps you…

Detect & respond to new threats

Includes the dedicated experts, technology and intelligence needed to eliminate the emerging threats that evade traditional IT defences.

Manage new and legacy systems

Hackers need to find just one flaw in your security. Mitiintel helps you detect issues created when you have new and legacy systems working together.

Meet compliance requirements

We understand how regulation affects your sector. Mitiintel supports compliance with GDPR, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials PLUS.

Can you afford a security incident?

Today, hacking, cyber breaches and internal security errors are no longer the exception

The average cost of a SME breach.
£ 10000
High severity vulnerabilities found in UK businesses each year.
Number of malware alerts actually investigated.
0 %

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