The Heartbleed Bug – UK Fast Round Table Discussion

Zain Javed, Head of Pen Testing was invited to take part in the latest edition of the renowned UK Fast Round Table series, discussing the Heartbleed Bug the latest known major vulnerability that has taken the press by storm.

Discussions were held around how the bug has affected SMEs and its impact on business. The panel, which also included Hugh Boyes from the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the University of Warwick, David Hoare of DJH Associates, Dylan Moore of Aqua Design Group and Kieran Roberts from UKFast, Security Division, discussed at length who might be responsible for dealing with the vulnerability – does it fall to the Government, the businesses affected or should it be customers who pay to identify and remove the Heartbleed Bug?

Zain commented that according to the CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure) database. There are in excess of 5,000 threats identified each year, and the Heartbleed Bug is one in a long line of many that have gone before and more will arise in it’s wake.

A cyber security strategy and regular monitoring of your IT infrastructure will identify new threats that reside in your systems, allowing you to remove and cleanse to protect your business from threats such as the Heartbleed Bug, which has affected up to half a million widely trusted websites by harvesting data including passwords.

We’ll follow up on the discussion points of the Round Table with an official summary and video footage. To read our previous news piece on the Heartbleed Bug, click here.

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