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How does it work?

With the transition to the cloud, there has been a notable rise in security incidents involving cloud platforms and services.

Microsoft 365 is one of those that are highly targeted due to its popularity and the valuable hosted data. Compromising Microsoft 365 users allows attackers to remotely access sensitive data in the cloud without having to penetrate the corporate perimeter. 

Mitigate Cyber proactively reviews and improves common misconfigurations, process weaknesses, and exploitation methods, allowing organisations to rest easy in the knowledge they have reduced risk and improved overall security.

Safeguard your company, data and reputation.

Configuration Review

Analyse your organisation’s Microsoft 365 security, based on existing settings and the regular activities of users. See how well aligned your organisation is with security best practice.

Detect Compromised Accounts & Apps

Password re-use and brute forcing is one of the most common ways user accounts are compromised. Identify the accounts and add-on apps that are most at risk.

User & File Permissions

Find users with the incorrect system access controls. Review excessive permissions in your Azure AD environments to help determine configuration weaknesses and provide advice to mitigate this risk.

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