Mitigate Cyber on G-CLOUD 12


We at Mitigate Cyber are delighted to announce that we have been accepted for listing on the UK Government’s framework, G-Cloud 12 

In previous years, we were Xyone Cyber Security and only our Mitilearn product was available on G-Cloud 11. This year, however, all six of our products can be found on the government’s Digital Marketplace platform allowing public sector organisations to discover and purchase trusted computing services.  

Mitigate Cyber has been included under the ‘Cloud Software’ category which will allow organisations to have access to cyber security eLearning modules and policy templates, simulated hacking and vulnerability scanning, cyber liability insurance, cyber essentials certification and the managed threat detection and response services.     

Zain Javed, CTO at Mitigate Cyber, commented, “It is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the G-Cloud 12 supplier list for another year. But now, from our company rebrand and introduction to six new key products and user hub, we are able to offer a range of cyber essentials and necessities to a variety of organisations.”    

For more information of the products and services, visit the Digital Marketplace site or by going to our services’. 

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