Try pronouncing Xyone . . .
How would you say it?
Exy one?
X. Y. one?
Zee one?
We have heard it all.

For seven years we were Xyone Cyber Security, and for seven years there have been numerous mispronunciations, questionable spelling and many failed Google search attempts that would display “no results found”. This had left us in a continuous cycle of correcting and clarifying the confusion caused by this.

We took to the streets of Lancaster City Centre to gather insight into whether ‘Xyone’ really was a problem, and after many confused faces and raised eyebrows, only 1/15 people asked were able to say the name correctly. This confirmed our doubts; if the general public couldn’t pronounce our company name, then what hope would we have for our potential clients?

We don’t want there to be any confusion when it comes to cyber security; we want to break the mould by making it simple and convenient, whilst maintaining excellence in protecting your business against cyber attacks and breaches.

With this in mind, on the 3rd August 2020, Mitigate Cyber will launch. Introducing a brand-new company logo, a sleek and easy-to-navigate website, flexible packages and competitive prices with six new essential products – all designed to keep you and your business safe and secure.

Cyber security is an essential part of any business, whether you are a small independent company or a huge organisation with over a thousand employees – it doesn’t matter. Cyber security is ESSENTIAL!
80% of breaches are a result of internal threats, with 2/5 companies suffering from at least one cyber attack each year. Don’t let your business be vulnerable to potential threats; our six new products are designed to eliminate risk, thus preventing financial damage and data theft:


simulated hacking of your website, network infrastructures, mobile apps, IoT devices and even physical security.


cyber security compliance and consultancy.


24/7 managed threat detection and response.

We have also introduced a state-of-the-art user hub, granting you complete control over the protection of your business.

For a simple and convenient solution to your cyber security needs – we are Mitigate Cyber.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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