#CyberSecureCharities 2020

Between the 2nd and 6th November 2020, Mitigate Cyber is excited to announce their participation in this years’ #CyberSecureCharities campaign organised by the IASME Consortium, aiming to protect UK-based charities against cyber attacks and breaches.  
Improving resilience against cyber criminals is more crucial than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in millions of employees now working remotely, and charities are no exception. Charity organisations are at high risk of a cyber attack due to the wide range of funding and the processing of personal, financial and commercial data, thus making them a prime target for cyber criminals.  

The IASME Consortium is a Government-appointed Cyber Essentials Partner and Mitigate Cyber – along with over fifty partner organisations – are taking part in the charity campaign by offering Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus at a discounted price.  
Registered charities based in the UK can receive the Government-backed certification that proves your organisation has the correct defences in place, reducing the risk of an attack or breach.  

With a majority of international organisations who now rely on technology and remote working, it is increasingly necessary to make sure that businesses have the appropriate protection and procedures in place to detect and mitigate any risks and potential attacks.  

With security consultants to advise in a clear and concise way, we feel our organisation has mitigated the threats both in-house and from the outside world. The need to protect our data is even more important now so many of us need to work remotely. Cyber Essentials Certification is our way to show our business partners and staff just how seriously we take the threat and do what we can to protect our working environment.

Cyber Essentials Certification protects your organisation from common cyber attacks through identifying risks and vulnerabilities in your systems. It will allow your organisation tender for UK Government and MOD contracts and also lowers your annual insurance premiums.  

For more information on how to take advantage of this years’ #CyberSecureCharities campaign, please visit this page.

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