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The avalanche of cyber security: How to identify the real threats

In this day and age, the wave of cyber security threats is deafening. Every week, businesses are facing millions of new malware variants and hacks, as well as having to deal with the deluge of media hype and marketing hysteria over the latest and newest threats, as well as the headlines of the most recent business to be breached. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s hard to keep up.We are now, more than ever, reliant on our technology. But with that reliance comes the need to ensure it’s safe and secure usage. Here are the key cyber security trends to watch out for this year.

6TB Citrix Data Breach

Cloud computing and software company Citrix have recently been the victim of a major cyber attack, with attackers gaining access to what cyber security firm Resecurity claims is ‘at least 6 terabytes of sensitive data stored in the Citrix enterprise network, including e-mail correspondence, files in network shares and other services used for project management and procurement.’

TLS 1.3 Vulnerability Discovered

Transport Layer Security version 1.3, which was finally approved for use in August of last year and hailed as ‘mak[ing] all secure internet connections faster and safer’ has been found to be vulnerable, allowing attackers to break the security offered and read private Internet traffic.

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