Mitigate Cyber Security Demonstrate Hack on BBC North West Tonight

Zain Javed, our Head of Penetration Testing Services recently made his TV debut on BBC North West Tonight during a feature on the cyber security landscape in the North West. Zain provided a quick demonstration on how easy it is to access websites with a simulation of a simple browser exploit which can lure the victim to a fake website. This would have allowed the attacker to steal the victim’s browser session, steal the data they had input into the form, send messages, capture screenshots, turn on a webcam plus hundreds of more exploits by simply clicking on a link.

The feature also provided comment from Lancaster University Professor Awais Rashid who discussed how the ever-evolving industry provides real challenges in staying ahead of the hackers, but that Lancaster are investing heavy resources in ensuring their Cyber Security students leave the course brimming with knowledge and prepared to excel in their chosen careers within the cyber security field.

Jonathan Kemp, Managing Director of Mitigate client AEV Ltd also told his story of a devastating cyber breach that resulted in the loss of 100,000 from the company’s online bank account following the unfortunate act of following a link in a phishing email sent to the accounts department. Jonathan, who has given full disclosure of the breach in a bid to raise awareness to help other small businesses to recognise the threat of attack spoke candidly of how the breach almost put AEV out of business and took over eighteen months to recover from.

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