KPMG Warns Businesses They Are Not Taking Security Seriously

<p>Professional services company KPMG has issued new warnings to businesses about cyber security threats.&nbsp;</p><p>A recent report from the firm claimed that senior management in British businesses are unprepared for the security threats that they face and are not responding sufficiently. &nbsp;</p><p>The report showed that 15 percent of Forbes 2000 companies surveyed allowed hackers easy access to private login details on their websites. What’s more, many company websites contain meta-data from which email addresses and user names can be taken.&nbsp;</p><p>KPMG’s Head of Information Protection and Business Resilience, Stephen Bonner warned that apathy and lack of a cohesive strategy at board level makes it easy for criminals to hack systems.&nbsp; He claimed that boardrooms do not appreciate the potential damage and effect on their long-term stability.&nbsp; He added that the problem is too often shunted out to IT departments to deal with, but the responsibility should be taken company-wide, and particularly to all top level staff.&nbsp;</p><p>Mitigate fully supports the report’s findings and is planning information events to fill in the missing detail for business people who want to fill in their knowledge gaps – we’ll keep you posted.&nbsp;</p><p>See the full story at <a href=""></a></p>

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