Factor The Cost of Cyber Crime in to Your Business

Businesses are having to factor in the likely costs of cyber crime when preparing their budgets, a report by Wesley Johnson in the Telegraph has said.


From back-bedroom to international governments – hackers are at every level.  Petty hackers vent their grievances on company websites, such as Adidas, targeted because of the football team they support.  Other hackers are hostile foreign states who target the Ministry of Defence’s systems on a daily basis. Countering attacks in 2013 will be seen as simply part of doing business.


To deal with the national threat the Cabinet Office is considering bringing in cyber reservists, a back-up team of experts in the armed forces. The risk of Britain’s national infrastructure is just too great.


Francis Maude of the Cabinet Office commented that military commanders in Britain’s armed forces were having to stay up to date with cyber security tactics and part of the Government’s four-year £650 million security programme would be invested in this.



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