Cyber Attacks have Targeted a Fifth of UK Customers

According to a report by the business advisory firm Deloitte more than a two fifths of UK customers feel targeted by cyber criminals.

The report shows that two fifths of the respondents reported that their personal data had been stolen after their computers where infected with malware. 53% of the respondents did not know the detail of the personal data that has been collected by organisations, up from 37% in 2013.

Simon Borwick, director in the cyber risk services team at Deloitte, said the volume and value of data available online means that consumers are now more exposed than ever before. “Many organisations are struggling to prepare themselves to deal with the wide range of different cyber attacks. Cyber security has moved beyond simply being an IT issue; it is now a business-wide risk which requires immediate attention at the highest level.” This is why it is vital that businesses make sure that they are fully protected against any cyber attacks.  


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