Mitigate Join MLS Advantage as Preferred Supplier to Manchester Law Firms

We’re delighted to announce that we have recently joined the Manchester Law Society Advantage scheme as a selected partner for cyber security services. We have a strong focus on supporting the professional services industries in this area as we know they are highly targeted and regulated by authorities. 

For an industry that relies on data, sensitive information and protecting the interests of clients, cyber security should be a top priority for law firms and we are here to assist in ensuring protection from both the internal and external risks to your firm. We already know we have the strongest legal network outside of the capital and Mitigate now strive to help it become it the most secure – making the Manchester legal industry the safest place for providing legal services in the UK.

We’re looking forward to making introductions within the sector as a preferred partner, as well as attending the many events hosted by Manchester Law Society and becoming part of the community.

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