WordPress sites become a major target for cyber criminals

WordPress sites became a particular target for cyber attacks as a massive botnet made up of tens of thousands of computers has been actioned to target vulnerable WordPress platforms.


The botnet infects thousands of computers, allowing cyber criminals to control their activities and, as such, are aiming for WordPress sites with an ‘admin’ username, trying thousands of passwords to gain access to business data.


The major security breach added a double blow to WordPress bosses, as they recently underwent attempts to beef up their security processes, incorporating a two-step login process, however WordPress don’t only have themselves to blame, with hackers taking advantage of ‘lazy’ security measures with site owners never changing their usernames from the universal ‘admin’.


The warning is for WordPress site owners to change their usernames and install robust passwords as a matter of urgency, before the botnet reaches you, however this is the extent of the prevention methods possible, without major site updates to incorporate security measures.

Full story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-22152296


As always, Mitigate Cyber Security Solutions are able to offer help and support by those affected, or as a preventative measure. We can perform regular health checks on your site to ensure you’re safe from attacks, as well as in-depth penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities which you can secure to ensure your safety. 

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