US Businesses Better Prepared For Cyber Attacks Than Europe

A study by BT Security has revealed that US businesses are better prepared to deal with cyber breaches than their European counterparts. The study surveys 500 IT decision makers in medium to large sized companies over seven counties to identify where they see cyber security with regards to the business agenda.

The survey gathered responses from representatives in the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Brazil, China and Singapore, revealing that 41% of the respondents from the US view cyber security as a major priority. Businesses in the USA are heavily involved with implementing cyber breach response and crisis management plans as well as implementing cyber security training to reduce the threat. The average in Europe was only 20%.

79% of the USA respondents thought that malicious inside cyber threats are a major issue, compared with just 53% across the globe. The research clearly shows that the US are further forward in readiness for cyber attacks than elsewhere in the world.

Mark Hughes of BT Security says: "U.S. businesses should be celebrated for putting cyber security on the front foot. The risks to business are moving too fast for a purely reactive security approach to be successful. Nor should cyber security be seen as an issue for the IT department alone."

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