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The Fundamental Steps to a Solid Security Strategy

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Human actions can cause significant cyber risks in your business – in fact, 80% of cyber breaches are a result of human error. 

Being able to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your human firewall is crucial to your organisation’s cyber health – whether you are looking to start your cyber journey, or are looking to implement additional measures to lower your cyber risk, our cyber awareness training can help you do just that.

The Human Risks to Your Business

Take action to secure your organisation

Why is cyber security training so important?

Cyber awareness training is a fundamental step to securing your business and protecting your devices and data. In fact, effective awareness training can reduce up to 70% of socially-engineered cyber attacks. 

Providing cyber awareness training throughout your organisation helps create a strong cyber security culture amongst your workforce. Download our free guide to gain further understanding of the benefits of cyber awarness training.

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During our one-hour workshop, we'll guide you through the latest cyber threat trends in the education sector and share simple, effective solutions on how to keep your data, devices, and people secure.

Optimise Your Training Programme

Implementing cyber awareness training is a fundamental step to securing your business - but how do you know you're getting the most out of your training programme?

Read our blog to learn more about optimising your training programme, and discover how Mitilearn can help strengthen your workforce.

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Why Choose Mitilearn?

Engaging & educational content

Mitilearn modules use narrative structures carefully designed to make them easy to understand and remember.

Bespoke module options

Mitilearn gives you the freedom to build your own training content and policies on top of our core modules.

Easy Reporting

One-click tracking, and reporting makes cyber security compliance easy to implement.

Automated enrolment

This makes staff retraining simple if you're in a highly regulated market such as finance, professional services and digital health.

Ready to get started?

Empower your employees to implement best practices throughout your organisation, and with Mitilearn, we can help you do just that! 

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