TalkTalk breach could help cyber security in the long run

The recent high profile breaches could help cyber security in the long run as more and more companies have started to realise how vulnerable they are.

Most recently, toy manufacturer VTech was hit with a breach that resulted in the loss of up to five million customer records. Along with the previous attack on Talk Talk this has acted as a warning for all business to act on preventing cyber attacks on them.

"The TalkTalk data breach has certainly forced boardrooms to look at their cyber security strategy and question if they are properly equipped," Bharat Mistry, cyber security consultant at Trend Micro, told V3.

Customer data, business reputation and even high-level jobs are at risk from sophisticated hackers, and firms now understand the need to tighten security or face mass data theft and potential financial ruin. With legislation such as the data protection act businesses have to be careful with their customer’s personal data as a cyber breach could mean that this data is lost and this will result in businesses being prosecuted.

David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab said "Companies now realise that the most worrying aspect of the TalkTalk case is that it didn't take much effort to breach its security,"

Mark James, a security specialist at ESET added that most of the big security breaches usually happen abroad, however TalkTalk in the UK is a lot closer to home and this will make UK companies look at their security and procedures in case of a breach.


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