“Staff need more training and formal policies or your firm will suffer cyber breaches”, says survey

The UK Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey was released this week and paints a damning picture for British firms, that while more firms are acknowledging they are at risk, there is still little action to mitigate the risks and create a culture of cyber awareness.

On the whole, the number of breaches is continuing to rise and the type of business it affects has diversified. In terms of action, the report details that:

  • 69% of businesses say cyber security is a high priority, yet only 51% have taken action
  • Only 10% have a formal incident management plan
  • 17% of firms have had their staff undergo some form of cyber security training
  • 13% of firms set minimum cyber security standards for their suppliers
  • 5% of firms actually monitor the costs of breaches on an ongoing basis

The report concluded that the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme forms the basis of the strategy for cyber security, and praised the work certification bodies like Mitigate are doing to implement the initiative, adhering to rigorous standards of assessment.

Minister for the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey MP, said: “Our Cyber Essentials scheme shows firms how to protect against common threats and gives them a way to demonstrate to their customers and investors that they are taking the risk seriously.”

Mitigate’s Cyber Essentials team released the following statement:

“This is a ringing endorsement of the Cyber Essentials scheme by this Government. Mitigate are committed to providing a comprehensive service for those firms who wish to take positive, proactive steps to reach the levels of cyber security in the standard.”

“It is still shocking to see how little actions some firms will take, and I hope this report will spread awareness across all industries.”

If you wish to read the report, click here.

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