Social Engineering

How can you know what is putting key assets of your workplace at risk? This is something we’d all rest easier knowing. ally are.

Thankfully, at Mitigate we have a team of cyber security experts trained in performing tests to see what could be compromised physically, and how to remedy this.

It is vital that our clients undertake a retest as part of their penetration test service. This is to ensure that all vulnerabilities have had the necessary controls applied and are no longer at risk of exploitation.

Retests are always clearly quoted within our proposal documentation and each retest scans all of the areas originally identified as risks in our original penetration test report(s) provided as part of Manipulate.

Red Team Pen Test

Threats Of Social Engineering

Through external and internal testing of your workplace, Manipulate will help secure your business against social engineering by:

Manipulate Penetration Testing Services

Counter Terrorism Assessment

This is an assessment conducted by a Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator, reacting to the imminent need for many organisations who could be a target to test their resilience against the threats of terrorism.

Red Team Penetration Testing

A Red Team test is a penetration testing service from an organisation independent from your own, using a team of cyber security experts. This is done to test your organisation’s defences, simulating real-world attacks.

Social Engineering Consultancy

Our social engineering security assessment provides software, training and general housekeeping guidance which, once implemented, can reduce the impact of social engineering attacks.

Cyber security experts supporting companies worldwide

Cyber attacks are on the rise.

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