Phishing Scams Target Dating Sites

Hackers used phishing emails to bypass the charges dating websites request to allow personal messaging between users. Once these login details have been obtained, the details would then be used to access profiles, and befriend other users in order to persuade them to send money to hacker.

Messages from the fraudster would ask others for cash to help pay for emergency medical fees or to aid fictitious relatives in need. This can result in hackers generating a significant amount of stolen cash.

To hide their identities, phishing emails were sent from other websites.  According to Netcraft, over 100 websites had been compromised and were targeting alone. Netcraft are unsure as to how these sites are being compromised and used as a host to phishing tools, unknowingly to its owner.

Remember to never open suspicious emails, and change your password immediately if you have.  Never tell anyone personal data such as passwords or financial information, and remember to report to the dating website organisation if you come across any profiles behaving suspiciously. 

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