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New offices at Sci-Tech Park and InfoLab 21

We’re starting the New Year with two new offices out of which we will manage the business operations of Mitigate Cyber Security. In addition to our satellite office at Media City, Salford, we’re now also located at Sci-Tech Park, Daresbury and InfoLab21, Lancaster University.

As our working relationship with Security Lancaster develops, our penetration testing team are now based at InfoLab 21, home to Security Lancaster, one of 11 cyber security centres of excellence in the UK. Our presence at InfoLab allows us to work with campus companies and students to develop cutting edge research and development into cyber security solutions.

The Innovation Centre at Sci-Tech Daresbury houses 100 companies spanning the nuclear, medicine, biotechnology, engineering and software development industries. As Sci-Tech is famed for its collaborative working opportunities, it seemed the natural choice for Mitigate to have a base here from which our operational team will work. We’ve already established several relationships with on-site companies, and we’re looking forward to working with more of our neighbours.

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