New government initiative urges SMEs to become cyber streetwise

With so few businesses aware of how cyber attacks can have a detrimental effect on their business operations, the government are putting out an official urge for SMEs to sharpen their wits around how to tackle the cyber threat head on, with training, encryption and by implementing cyber security solutions to protect their clients.

Gary Fairley of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC), said:

“There has been a shift in cyber criminals’ attention towards SMEs in the last year or so and it’s important that businesses take the threat seriously,”.

According to Fairley, getting the basics right will help protect businesses against the majority of known threats.

He urges companies to ensure security patches are up to date, that passwords are strong, unique and changed regularly, and that staff know what their responsibilities are in protecting business information.

The campaign has been launched as part of the government’s National Cyber Security Programme.

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