Mitilearn Academy Annoucement

Around 45% of employees don’t receive any cyber security awareness training, despite 80% of cyber breaches are a result from staff error! Many believe that because they are not an ethical hacker or part of the IT department, then they have no role in maintaining cyber security in both the work environment and in their personal lives.

At Mitigate, we couldn’t disagree more – as cyber attacks are on the rise every year, we believe this is a crucial time to ensure cyber security becomes common knowledge for everyone, regardless of their job role.

With this in mind, Mitigate are excited to announce the launch of the independent-user service; Mitilearn Academy. Mitilearn is our cyber-security training that provides a comprehensive, yet simplified approach to the implementation of cyber security, cyber protection guidance and common methods of cyber attacks – both in the work environment and with personal devices and networks. Focusing on both topics within cyber and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), users are provided with a flexible, in-depth and comprehendible learning experience, designed and built by cyber-security experts.

We felt that it was extremely important for individuals to have access to key resources in such a rapidly growing industry – with employers now favouring those with knowledge and certification in these areas – this is our solution for allowing users to get a head-start in cyber security and data protection awareness.

Whether you are aiming to demonstrate these skills to future employers, or progress in your current career, or simply have the desire to expand your knowledge in cyber security; Mitilearn will help you do this by keeping cyber security awareness simple, yet effective.

You may be asking, “Where can I sign up?!” or “When is this available?!”; Mitilearn Academy is available now and you can sign up through our website!
For a discounted fee of £150, users have a one-year licence and access to the state-of-the-art user hub, course assessments and two NCSC-approved certificates upon completion of the courses. Not only that, but our eLearning modules have been designed with everyone in mind – whether you’re completely new to cyber security, or have had previous experience or training, this is the course for you. We always ensure our modules contain the latest information, whilst making it a priority to keep it simple.

Are you ready to start your cyber security journey?

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