Save up to 30% when you switch
to our managed penetration testing service

Penetration testing, or simulated hacking, is a fantastic way to understand any current vulnerabilities in your systems and ensure these are remediated before it’s too late. There are many reasons why businesses decide to perform regular penetration testing, but ultimately, these keep cyber criminals at bay!

At Citation Cyber, we strive to ensure cyber security is as convenient and effective as possible for our clients, which is why we are now offering managed penetration testing to make securing your business just that much easier.

When choosing a penetration testing service, why not consider a bundle package as part of our new managed service offering? Allowing you to split your days across testing solutions at a discounted rate.

Sound good? Let's go!

NCSC Certified
CPD Course Provider

Secure your business for less with Cyber Hack

We’re all about helping you strengthen your security. Which is why our CREST-certified ethical hackers are clued up with the latest hacking strategies to put your security to the test.

Gauge an understanding of your current security environment, by identifying existing weaknesses in your networks and systems.

Our penetration testing services are designed to protect your business from cyber attacks, and keep you compliant. When you take out a penetration testing service with us, be rest assured that our experts will be on-hand to help guide you through the process. We cut the faff, the jargon, and keep cyber security as it should be . . . simple.

Level-up your cyber security for less! Show the world, and your customers that you go above and beyond when it comes to security. 

No matter your industry or size, we have simulated hacking services to help you. All the support, none of the hassle.

The more days you buy, the more you can save! See up to a 30% discount when you switch to our managed penetration testing service. And don’t worry, if you don’t manage to use all your allocated days on an individual testing service, you can always use these at a later date during your contract with us.

CREST-certified penetration testing services

Network Infrastructure

Wi-Fi Network

Web Application

Mobile Apps & Devices


Cloud Network

Database Testing

Social Engineering

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