IT Related Issues are Biggest Threat to Businesses

Computer Weekly have reported that the top threat to businesses and business continuity are IT-related issues, such as fraud, hacking and cybercrime which can result in damage to reputation, financial losses and serious business downtime, all affecting the bottom line.

The top 10 threats to business continuity, gathered from the latest annual report published by the Business Continuity Institute cites ‘cyber attack’, as the number 2 threat for businesses.

The report shows the numbers rising for those concerned with cyber security, with 73% of business leaders stating they are worried about a cyber attack or data breach in the poll.

The report is aimed to provide businesses with a greater understanding of the threats to businesses, particularly highlighting the impacts to businesses should they be unable to trade for any period of time.

However, despite growing concerns for the threat to IT infrastructure, and of cyber attacks only 18% of businesses that took part in the poll are considering increasing investment in business continuity, with some actively reducing theirs.

If you would like to understand more about why your business would benefit from business continuity plans relating to cyber attacks, contact us now.

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