Iscar Tools Ltd achieve 100% Mitigate Trusted Status

Iscar Tools Limited produces unique and innovative cutting tools for the Metalworking Industry. It’s portfolio includes  Turning, Grooving, Milling and Hole Making Product Ranges. The new tool families that were introduced in the Logiq  campaign launched in March 2018, assist the user to increase their Productivity, Performance and Profitability by employing leading-edge engineering solutions.  Iscar’s desire for innovation has been one the factors that has led this partnership  with Mitigate.

Mitigate’s ‘Mitigate’ ensures corporate assurance through the visibility of corporate risk mitigation by deploying leading data analytics and monitoring tools covering 5 core areas of security concern, namely: Online Security, Information Security,  Remote Security, Workstation Security and GDPR.  All Iscar Tools employees have completed ‘Mitigate’s’ training and  education modules, successfully demonstrating their collective understanding in cyber security awareness and how best to respond to and manage the plethora of modern by business risks.

Mitigate’s Mitigate software – a key component of the Cyber Seal approach – calculates and presents data and analytics to enable organisation to reduce internal Risk and build Resilience within the workforce. Mitigate provides a range of 12 culture changing Information Security Policies which requires employees to have a key understanding of before an organisation can achieve: “Cyber Trusted Status”.

In each of Mitigate’s on-line training modules, the learner is immersed in a realistic or situational simulation that is inspired by real-life incidents and is asked to follow a storyline, attempt certain tasks and gather skills and/or knowledge that they will recall for future use. The scenarios used for the purposes of our training are inspired by real life cyber-security incidents and topics often raised during our interaction.

From a cyber security perspective, testing employees’ understanding of risks and threats and making them think about mitigation response, is just as important as implementing an IT firewall or other security measures. Indeed, the insider threat to organisations is now considered the greatest cyber risk, with 41% of all breaches caused by members of staff who have not had access to the necessary Cyber Security training, education and reinforcement resources. Cyber security training is a priority for the Management Team at Iscar Tools Limited as it leads the way in ensuring business continuity and  resilience now and into the future.

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