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In the current context of digital transformation, automation has taken over many sectors and industries around the world bringing along serious cyber security risks. These challenges are becoming more and more complex and companies have to react fast to stay safe and to keep their workforces safe too.

Together with the Lancaster University, Mitigate Cyber has looked into what it meant for the domiciliary care sector. In the research piece, they have clearly identified the cyber risks care home automation is generating and have brought them to light along with easily applicable solutions.


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The IoT market and the implementation of IoT in the care sector

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How IoT can be implemented in the Care Sector

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The cyber security risks in home care automation 

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The  vulnerabilities of IoT during a cyber attack 

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According to the market research, there were three primary stakeholders identified for smart home technology in the domiciliary care sector: smart technology suppliers, care home providers and the government. 

However, for the purposes of the data gathering considering the situation that is happening at the moment with the Covid -19 pandemic, only the care home providers were addressed in this research.

Nevertheless, the end-user (buyers) of the domiciliary care service were considered in order to obtain the full perspective of the attitudes of the target audiences of the industry. 

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