How Mitigate Secure Partners&’s Clients – A Case Study

Surely, the majority of cyber breaches are a result of a problem in your networks or due to a technical compromise? And surely, the only way anyone would know how to prevent a cyber threat in the first place is if they are a tech-wiz who has a PHD in Computer Science? Well, the answer to that is no! 

With a total of 80% of cyber breaches resulting from staff error, it is imperative that effective staff awareness training is a number-one priority, and Partners& understand the importance of mitigating the “human risk” in your organisation. 

Here we will show you how we help secure Partners&’s clients, whilst keeping cyber security simple.

About Partners&

Partners& is a challenger brand within the insurance and risk-management sector; as a values-driven business, and with over 35 years of industry experience, they are on a mission to be the finest risk advisory in the UK. 

Partners& believes in a collaborative and approachable partnership with their clients, whilst encouraging growth and reassurance that they will help their clients achieve their goals. Partners& work with a mass array of clientele – from construction, to entertainment, to hospitality, to recruitment and many more.

Why cyber security?

In order to fully support and provide effective risk-management advise to their diverse range of clients, Partners& decided that they would have to “become the pre-eminent risk advisor in cyber security”. They understood the importance of having effective cyber security defences in place, to transform any organisation into a resilient workforce against cyber threats and cyber criminals. 

Over the past few years, there have been many changes to the requirements and expectations of organisations concerning data security and compliance – since the introduction of the GDPR in 2018, and the Cyber Essentials scheme introduced by the UK government in 2014, organisations must now be able to demonstrate through appropriate certification, compliance and staff training that they have the correct defences and processes in place.

 Yet, with this in mind, 40% of UK businesses will experience an attack or breach this year, along with taking an average of 191 days for a business to detect and report a breach – even though cyber security culture is continuously developing and evolving, businesses are failing to keep up and evolve with it.

Being able to implement cyber security risk management across an organisation’s operations is incredibly important, and with Mitigate Cyber’s one-stop solution, and Partners&’s collaborative approach, we can easily help you do just that.

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UK businesses will experience an attack or breach this year.
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Businesses to detect and report a breach.

Why Mitigate Cyber?

From the partnership with Mitigate Cyber that began in 2020, Partners& have not only been able to help new clients, but have also been able to provide effective cyber security support with existing clients who “haven’t gotten to grips with their cyber security risk management”. 

From the full range of services in the Mitigate Cyber’s suite, clients have been able to use these to help develop and improve their cyber security risk across their entire operation. 

Additionally, Partners& identified that they had a low awareness of cyber security across the business. They noticed how many financial companies are being fined by the FCA for data breaches as a result of no to poor cyber security strategies which resulted in addressing this internally and building their strategy. Before discovering Mitigate Cyber, their policies and procedures process was not robust enough and at times was “difficult to maintain”. 

Their policies process with new employees would be attached within an email, but this makes it somewhat impossible to see a clear audit trail. 

Mitigate Cyber Products

By using Mitigate Cyber's Mitilearn, we have achieved a much higher level of cyber awareness throughout our business, which helps us to manage both internal and external cyber threats. In partnering with Mitigate Cyber, we're now able to support our clients with effective cyber security services that reduce their risk exposures, making their businesses more resilient. In turn, this helps our clients to obtain broader cyber insurance protection while controlling premium costs."

At Mitigate Cyber, not only do we believe in providing comprehensive services and products designed by experts to effectively protect your business and keep you compliant, but we believe in keeping everything simple and convenient, and we do this through our state-of-the-art user portal containing all of your security, training and compliance needs.

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