Have you secured PI insurance yet?

If you are yet to renew your Professional Indemnity Insurance, remember to advise your insurer of your engagement with Mitigate, as this could have financial benefits to your arrangements.

It has been well publicised that insurers have had to settle claims linked to cyber crime far more frequently and to a far greater value over the past 18 months, this is beginning to have an Impact on the premiums they are charging those firms that have been victims of a cyber-attack.  Insurers view firms that have actively implemented measures to reduce these risks positively. Most proposal forms won’t ask for this information so please ensure that you highlight this.

Through our broker partners Lockton, we have been in regular communication with some of the leading provider of Professional Indemnity insurance to Solicitors within England and Wales and they now understand and appreciate the benefits of your engagement with Mitigate and could potentially provide you with a preferential deal.

It’s not too late to seek an alternative from them, we have requested that our engaged firms receive preferential treatment and they will turn around an alternative quote for your consideration within 48 Hours.

To find out more please contact the Senior Account Manager for the Law Sector directly on 0333 323 3981.

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