Feature Release – Single Sign-On


Passwords need to be complex in order to be secure. However, it can be a struggle to remember complex passwords, especially if you are using a different password for every service and account. This can lead to further simplifying passwords in order to make them easier to remember.

With the introduction of password managers and various security methods such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), organisations have started to implement these throughout their business and have so far seen positive results: Google found that not one of their 85,000+ employees had a compromised account since introducing mandatory MFA for all employees.

But, could there be an even easier and just as effective password security method available?

Single-sign on is the new feature that we are introducing to our Mitigate Cyber user hub.

What is SSO?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication scheme that allows you to log in with just one username and password giving you access to multiple, independent software systems. This allows you to streamline the login process, which will reduce the likelihood or errors and increase efficiency.

For example, if you log in to a Google service (such as Gmail), you will be automatically logged into other Google apps, such as YouTube, AdSense, Google Analytics or any other Google app you have an account with. Single Logout can also be implemented – this is the same concept as SSO, but when you log out of an account, you will then be automatically logged out of the other apps.

It is essentially one key that, at the same time, will open several locks.


There are many benefits to implementing SSO throughout you organisation, this includes:

  • Simplyfing username and password management, resulting in the reduction of password fatigue/forgotton login credentials.
  • When combined with methods such as multi-factor or two-factor authentication, organisations can improve and strengthen their identity protection by reducing the number of potential attack opportunities.
  • SSO can help increase effeciency for both your employees and IT team. From staff not need to remember a backlog of login details, this reduces the workload of the IT department with account recovery and account security.
  • SSO can reduce the risk of a breach for your clients, vendors and partners as their details and data that is kept on your systems will have added security.
  • There are also many effective SSO solutions available, meaning you won’t have to design and construct these inhouse.

SSO and Mitigate Cyber

On the 25th March 2021, we will be releasing our Mitigate user hub as SSO compatible! This will allow your organisation to add this this to your existing SSO service listing, making it easier for you and your employees to access our services and products.

For example, if you have Mitilearn running throughout you organisation, your staff will be able to access the eLearning modules without having to sign into the Mitigate user hub as this will be tied to your original login server.

At Mitigate Cyber, we believe in keeping cyber security as simple and convenient as possible – this includes even the little things such as logging into the accounts and services that you have with us, whilst protecting your data and networks.

Are you ready to protect your organisation?

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