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Due to the recent pandemic, 85% of employees surveyed in both the UK and US are sending more emails, and these have seen the biggest increase in usage even compared to video-calling and messaging apps. However, cyber criminals have capitalised on this increase, and the rise in malicious emails has seen 47% of employees falling for phishing scams due to working-at-home distractions. It is more paramount than ever to ensure your staff are aware of the risk of malicious emails, and how to spot the signs before it’s too late.  

For the past 12 months, our phishing simulation service has been a part of our cyber security awareness training product, Mitilearn. In order to determine whether the awareness training is making an impact on your employees, you have to put their knowledge to the test through phishing campaigns that are distributed throughout your organisation.  

At Mitigate Cyber, we create and develop our services based on our clients’ needs and what works best for them and their business – with this in mind, and due to popular demand, we have decided to release our phishing simulation as a stand-alone product, Mitiphish.

What is Mitiphish?

Schedule and manage phishing campaigns throughout your organisation, with the ability to choose from a list of tailored templates built from our team of ethical hackers. All campaigns can be managed through the state-of-the-art user hub, and admins have the ability to run reports on chosen campaigns to view employee and organisational process – allowing them to see their company risk decrease in real time. We have also introduced bespoke campaigns to this service; if the list of templates does not suit your company needs and requirements, you can speak to a member of our team to create a campaign tailored to your business.  


For more information on our phishing simulation service, Mitiphish, or to book your free demo, get in contact with a Mitigate Cyber expert!  

Are you ready to protect your organisation? 

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