Feature Release – Cyber Intel

Having recently rebranded as Citation Cyber, we aspire to continue improving the quality of our product and service offering. With this in mind, we are introducing some new features to our Automated Intelligent Scanner, Cyber Intel (formerly Mitiintel).

Cyber Intel is our automated vulnerability scanning tools that discovers vulnerabilities on any type of IT infrastructure. It has been designed to make it easy to navigate around functions to better secure your environment but at the same time make sure it remains world class in its capability of providing information that is accurate and that it is done so in real time.

The opinions of our clients are valued by us, and we are happy to incorporate feedback into our development plans for our services as we strive to continuously innovate and improve! See below for the new features being added to Cyber Intel:

What's New?

New Dashboard

With new threats being discovered by the minute, cyber security practitioners are stopping at nothing to make sure defensive technologies keep up with these threats, that’s why the external environment needs as much attention as our own organisations. The user dashboard now provides an overview of scan results distinguishing between agentless and agent-based scanning. A new ‘Threat Intelligence’ feature has also been added to help keep Cyber Intel users up to date with the latest security guidance, with a catalogue of thought-leadership articles written by cyber security experts.

View Your Risk Level

Understanding your organisation’s vulnerabilities and the impact that these may have is crucial to remaining ahead of the curve and mitigating your risk. Cyber Intel users can now view severity levels of discovered vulnerabilities allowing them to easily prioritise those that are ‘high’ and ‘critical’ and remediate as necessary. Additionally, those with financial compliance mandates are now able to identify vulnerabilities that are not PCI DSS compliant.

Manage Your Vulnerabilities

Cyber Intel users can now hide unwanted vulnerabilities from their list – ‘IGNORE’ allows users to temporarily hide a single vulnerability, and ‘GLOBALLY IGNORE’ allows users to bulk hide a set of vulnerabilities across organisation accounts.

Manage Your Subscription

Every organisation has their own needs when it comes to keeping secure. Even though there are a fundamental set of security steps that every organisation should follow, there comes a point where what works for one business may not work for another. We want to ensure that our solutions can be tailored to fit any organisation and their unique set of security requirements, with this in mind, you can now subscribe to either the full solution or one of the two; agent-based scanning or network-based scanning. As always, every user on our hub will receive breach notifications free of charge.

Unlimited Scans

In our ever-evolving digital world, organisations now all rely on various devices and multiple networks. Ensuring that all of these technologies are continuously secure and operating as they should be can seem like a daunting task. Previously, Cyber Intel was limited to one scan of a single network at one time, now organisations are able to run unlimited, on-demand internal and external scans simultaneously across various networks, allowing you to remain secure 24/7.

The drive behind these improvements is to give greater visibility and allowance of swift remediation of ‘high’ and ‘critical’ vulnerabilities on infrastructures being monitored. This update will allow Cyber Intel users to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their threat landscape as well as providing the data needed in a streamlined and effective manner.

For more information on the Cyber Intel update, or if you would like to book your free demo, speak to a Citation Cyber expert who will answer all your questions.

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