Mitigate’s insights on the Dark Web gain press coverage

Giving away too much information about yourself online can be used by criminals as a tool to defraud you.

In the same way as law enforcement build up profiles of criminals, fraudsters can gather information readily available online and on social media sites to build up profiles of potential victims.

The Dark Web is a topic, and an area of the Internet, that we feel the public should be aware of, especially due to the security and privacy implications that publicly available sensitive information about them could have, which could be available on the Dark Web. Mitigate Cyber Security have featured in the news recently, online in articles listed below, contributing to the current discourse on the Dark Web and its future, as well as in physical newspapers, after recent interviewing of Mitigate for a variety of news publications.

Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Zain Javed commented that “Criminals often scour Facebook and Twitter and look for people’s weaknesses and send them a targeted message.”

To read more about the Dark Web, including what it is, how it could affect you and/or its future, please take a look at any of the following news stories featuring Mitigate:

Our insights have also been covered in regional press recently, including:

– The Lancaster Guardian

– The Lancashire Evening Post


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