Cyber Essentials Plus Certification For Buckles Solicitors LLP

Buckles Solicitors LLP recently gained accreditation to Cyber Essentials Plus. We would like to send our congratulations and thanks for certifying with us.

Buckles Solicitors LLP provide a comprehensive range of legal services to businesses and individuals in the UK and internationally from their offices in Peterborough, Nottingham and Stamford. 

Michael Farrar, of Buckles Solicitors LLP, said:

"The increasing prevalence of cyber-attacks and the impact that they have on a business in terms of lost revenue, reputational cost and disruption meant that as a Board we felt it was imperative to test the effectiveness of our own security systems. We engaged Mitigate – a specialist security firm. Mitigate presented to the Board on what cyber security is, how this can be mitigated and the various ways a business can reduce their chances of being attacked.

Following this informative presentation, we commissioned Mitigate to carry out internal and external penetrations on our IT systems, feeling reasonably secure that we had lots of mitigation already in place. The test revealed many vulnerabilities, some requiring urgent attention. The outcome report they produced was clear on actions that needed to be taken and detailed on how this could be done, enabling us to quickly prioritise the essentials to ensure our business was as secure as possible. There were some areas that required detailed IT knowledge and Mitigate were happy to support us in implementing these changes through a third party which was incredibly helpful.

Certification is definitely not a tick box exercise, it was thorough, testing at times but Mitigate supported the team the whole way through the process, reminding us on what the ultimate goal was. Achieving the certification was fantastic and for the team it felt a real sense of achievement. It now means that we can use the logo in our promotional material, for us sending a clear sign to our clients and staff that we take cyber security seriously."

Cyber Essentials is the government scheme for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to cyber security, making sure they are secure from the threat of cyber attack, securing themselves and their clients data. Buckles LLP have demonstrated that their IT system meets the criteria of the Cyber Essentials plus standard.

If you'd like more information about attaining Cyber Essentials, or to request a questionnaire, please contact us here:

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