Common Cyber Security Myths That Increase Your Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks


An attack by a cyber criminal is one of the worst things that could happen in a working environment, and no one would want to be a victim of it. You may feel on edge because of the possibility of your personal information being taken from you, as well as very sensitive company data. Oftentimes, people are in denial about cyber crime, believing that they cannot be attacked.

An important step in building healthy cyber culture is to understand the motives of cyber criminals. What motivates cyber criminals to hack systems? In what way do they benefit? By knowing the answers to these questions, you will have more reasons to prioritise your cyber security culture. Cyber attacks thrive in environments where vulnerabilities exist. While some vulnerabilities are related to network devices and systems, other vulnerabilities are related to beliefs and perceptions.

Listed below are three cyber security myths that increase your vulnerability to cyber attacks.

1. Hackers Will Gain Nothing from Compromising My System

There is an unfounded myth that cyber criminals target the rich, famous, and influential. The average person believes that they are exempt from an attack because they fall outside this category.

Cyber attacks, however, are not always targeted. Attackers often attempt to launch a mass attack to take advantage of vulnerabilities within systems. When this occurs, they do not profile their targets. Wealth, fame, and influence are not factors. A weakened network is an invitation to attack.

Occasionally, cyber attacks are conducted solely for the purpose of demonstrating a point. Some hackers can be overzealous in their quest to score some points as experts. It was found that they look out for systems with vulnerabilities without paying attention to the owners of these systems. Therefore, once the vulnerability is detected on your network, you will be on their radar.

As opposed to believing that attackers have nothing to gain from you, it is essential that you ensure that your network is secure. There is a possibility that even if you are not the target, you may be hit by a stray bullet.

2. The cost of implementing cyber security is too high

Most people and small businesses have a misconception regarding cyber security being prohibitively expensive. When it comes to cyber security, influential people and large organisations are putting their money where their mouth is. Considering that they have a lot at stake, they are willing to invest in cyber security to ensure the security of their assets.

In addition to the fact that we established earlier, cyber attacks do not respect the social status of their victims. Anybody can be a victim of a cyber attack. Losses that you sustain because of cyber attacks can often outweigh the investments that you can make to prevent these in the first place. If you were to implement an intrusion detection system (IDS), you would have the opportunity to detect a potential cyber threat to your system that could cause you serious damage. As well, what is more expensive, the installation of well-functioning systems, or the cost of having to fix everything later?

3. My team includes a security expert who keeps me safe

Cyber security professionals possess a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise. However, it would be too much pressure to rely on your internal teams or individuals. A single employee cannot view your entire network in a 360-degree manner. When your security personnel are the only ones on guard, they may overlook vulnerabilities, presenting opportunities for attackers. However, when all team members are engaged, this will mitigate the chances of an attack. 

Having a cyber professional company will help you to build a more robust infrastructure for cyber security. It takes a team effort to ensure the security of your network. The security expert may well be in charge of securing your network, but other team members have a role to play in the process as well. Eventually, they will be able to follow instructions, learn about cyber security practises, and make their own contributions. Mitigate Cyber offers a range of cyber services that every company needs to mitigate the chances of your organisation’s network from being hacked.

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