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In 2020, we rebranded from Xyone to Mitigate Cyber, and in June 2022, we were acquired by The Citation Group – a leading provider of compliance and quality solutions. The services offered by The Citation Group perfectly complement our product portfolio, and the synergies between us will be extremely beneficial to our clients and partners.

As a result of us joining The Citation Group, we felt it was time to align ourselves with our sister companies – to become one unified entity offering business solutions that help streamline your processes, compliance, and security.

With this in mind, Citation Cyber is now live!

As you can see, our new distinctive, sleek, and warm identity allows us to showcase what we’re really about – providing innovative and effective solutions delivered by a team of personable security experts. We cut the faff, the jargon, and keep cyber security as it should be . . . simple.

This rebrand has unified our Citation house of brand as a single entity, allowing our clients to benefit from our shared goal; to help your business soar! We are here to support and secure your business in our ever-evolving digital world.

Today is a monumental day for Citation Cyber. We are so proud of our new brand identity, and we are so excited to be aligned with The Citation Group to showcase what we’re all about . . . offering solutions that help our clients’ businesses soar! You may be thinking, “What does this mean for me as a Citation Cyber client?” Well, we want to start off by assuring you that our suite of security services, our fantastic security team, and our mission to help keep you and your business secure, will continue to play a fundamental role in how we operate. This rebrand will allow us to branch out into new avenues of business solutions, to help keep your organisation ready for anything!

A new look, same great solutions . . .

Not only has our brand identity had an update, but so have our suite of security services. But don’t worry, we still offer the same great solutions delivered by our team of experts, these have just had a refresh to align with our new look and feel.

Not only that, but our new user hub has had a refresh too! Say ‘Hello’ to Atlas!

We know that this is a big change, and we fully understand that this may take some getting used to. But, we would like to give a big thank you to all of our clients and partners for their continuous support! We look forward to working with you as Citation Cyber!

Some important information . . .

Are my existing contracts still valid?

Yes, we are still the same great business and people, operating under the same company registration number. It is simply our name that is changing as part of our promise to become a more supportive business for our clients. 

Will my audit date change?

No, there is no impact to your existing service(s). All of your contracts and audit dates will continue as they were before. 

Will I need to update the certificate marks on my website and other collateral?

Yes, we do recommend you download your new certificate marks from the hub and update these with our new versions. But, this does not have to be done immediately, ideally we would ask that this is done within the next three months. 

Some of the content I receive from your company still shows your old brand name. Why is this?

We do apologies if you are receiving a mixture of content that shows both our old logo and also our new logo. We are working as quickly as we can to get all of our content transitioned over, but due to the volume of content we have produced over the years this will take us a while!

Why has your email address changed?

To reflect our new company name, our email addresses have changed from to But rest assured, if you happen to use our old email addresses, the message will still reach us! We will simply be replying with our new email addresses from now on, until everyone becomes familiar with them.

Is the URL changing to access the user hub?

Yes, in order to make the transition from Mitigate Cyber to Citation Cyber as smooth as possible, we will be allowing a grace period for the first half of 2023. Therefore, our hub URL will continue to stay as and we will be sure to inform all of our clients when this will be updating.

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