Call For Skilled UK Cyber Crimefighters

With a funding of £650million in place to implement the country’s Cyber Security Strategy, it is a major aim to grow the number of skilled professionals to line up with growth of, and Britain’s growing reliance on the internet and cyber space. The NAO states that the internet economy in the UK accounts for more than £120bn – a higher proportion of GDP than any other G20 country, but warned that the cost of cyber crime is estimated to be between £18bn and £27bn a year. The Police force have set up specific cybercrime centres and have trebled the size of their central e-crime department to cope with the rising and more sophisticated nature of cyber attacks.

Warnings however have been made that the number of graduates and expert practitioners in this arena will be unable to meet demand. Zain Javed, Certified Ethical Hacker at Mitigate Cyber Security Solutions and graduate of the Cyber Security Masters course at Lancaster University, a recognised centre of excellence in Cyber Security says the following:

“With cyber being a relatively new area and with it being a difficult sector to find work in as a post-grad, I think this could be quite off-putting to young people in computer sciences. It’s such a major skill to have though, and I really believe that people who do choose this route will be incredibly successful in the future. I love what I do, and there is obviously such a need for skilled pen testers and ethical hackers. I would absolutely encourage people to train in this area if they are looking for a future in IT.”

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