Businesses Get Government Cyber Aid

Faced with growing threats from cyber criminals, the Government has launched a Cyber Security for Business programme.


The initiative will bring Government, the intelligence services and the privatesector together in an unprecedented project.


A report by the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee found that UK businesses had not prepared their defences sufficiently, despite Government funding of £650 million to combat the hackers.


Billions of pounds of cash are lost each year to cyber warfare and the British economy is hard hit by this.


Jonathan Evans, theheadof MI5, one of the Government agencies protecting businesses and individuals, described the level of state and criminal cyber attacks as “astonishing”.


One London business lost £800 million on a single occasion.


Dave Garfield, Head of Cyber Security at BAE Systems Detica  was reported as saying “As we seek to drive economic growth amidst challenging market conditions, it is vital that businesses recognise the threat posed by cyber crime and take greater action to protect their intellectual property and business sensitive data.”


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