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Setting the Scene in Upper Management With GDPR GCHQ-Certified Training

Mitigate cyber security training

Cyber Awareness From the top down

We want your business to be as secure as possible, and we’re excited to offer this training to help make this a reality. The culture of security needs to be a top-down approach. 

With our GCHQ-certified training courses, we aim to encourage business directors and leaders to take a serious approach to adopting methods of cyber security to protect the business, its stakeholders and assets from the effects of a breach.

Our strategy for implementing cyber awareness is based on a simple strategy: ‘tone from the top, message from the middle’.

This means to set the scene within the upper ranks of management, allowing them to use their department heads to distribute awareness throughout their teams.

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of UK FTSE 350 boards said they were not trained to deal with an incident

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of employees receive no cyber security training from their employer 

Cyber security e-learning

workshop structure

The workshop will identify the legal and regulatory environment for organisations as well as strategies to develop & implement business continuity plans.

GDPR introduction
When the worst happens
Understand DP&P compliance
Understand DP&P compliance
Icon - Staff Member
DP&P Workshop & The role of the board
DP&P training and InfoSec awareness
prioritise a system of privacy and InfoSec reviews
Action plan

course objectives

By the end of a 1 hour seminar, participants will have:

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