Welcome to Behind the Firewall – your gateway to cyber security’s captivating world. From the security challenges of smart cities to safeguarding data in the cosmos, and everything in between, we delve into the realms of cyber protection.

Join us on a journey through the world of cyber defence. Whether you’re a cyber security pro or a curious novice, we explore riveting industry insights, real-life scenarios, and cutting-edge advice that’s reshaping our digital world.

Meet the host...

Meet Zain Javed, Citation Cyber’s Chief Technology Officer, bringing over 15 years of industry experience to our cyber security endeavours.

With a wealth of experience in training, management, and creating security strategies for organisations worldwide, Zain leads our team of experts that conduct red team, social engineering, ethical hacking, and vulnerability assessments.

Beyond the confines of Citation Cyber, Zain’s influence extends as co-founder and chair of the Lancashire Cyber Alliance, underscoring his commitment to fostering industry collaboration, and serves as Director on the North West Cyber Cluster Board.

Join Zain as they explore the intricate world of cyber security, interviewing industry leaders, exploring the latest trends and challenges within the field, and sharing insights to strengthen business’ cyber resilience.

Available episodes...

  • Episode one
    Cracking the Code: Inside the mind of an ethical hacker
    Guest speaker and ethical hacker, Gordon Smith, unveils the mysterious world of cyber security. Discover the secrets of ethical hacking through techniques used to breach businesses, spine-chilling tales of data security gone awry, and our predictions of the cyber field of tomorrow.
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