Identify your security vulnerabilities before it's too late

Penetration testing, or simulated hacking, of your website, network infrastructures, mobile apps, IoT devices, and even physical security.


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We'll simulate a hack of your website, network infrastructures, mobile apps, IoT devices and even physical security. Understand where your business is at risk.
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Mitihack penetration testing helps you

Identify holes in your security

Our Mitihack penetration tests identify all known weaknesses in your network, cloud, website, apps, mobile, VoIP, database, Wi-Fi and physical space.

Protect data from hackers

Our recommended security improvements protect sensitive internal data, your customers’ data and the infrastructure systems which support it all.

Meet required security standards

Periodic penetration testing is a requirement of many security standards, including ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. Mitihack is your one-stop solution.

Can you afford a security incident?

Hacking, cyber breaches and internal security errors are no longer the exception

0 %
of UK businesses will experience a cyber attack or breach this year.
0 %
of Cyber breaches will be triggered by staff error.
0 %
of employees receive no cyber security training from their employer.
0 %
of UK FTSE 350 boards said they were not trained to deal with an incident.

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Welcome to the cutting-edge of security

Market-leading penetration tests protect you from ever-evolving criminal tactics

Our penetration tests must constantly evolve to counter emerging hacking strategies. We work at Lancaster University, a renowned Cyber Security Centre of Excellence, with committed support from a global network of:

Licensed testers and assessors for

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Services tailored to your organisation

Automated Web Application Scanner

Our Web Application Scanning service will ensure your websites, apps and networks are secure and running as they should be.

Mitigate will configure the scan profile for your chosen target domain. Once results are in you can mark issues as fixed, false positives and scan again as much as you want. For a more detail manual assessment we recommend penetration testing.

Realtime Intelligent Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning is a comprehensive automated process of assessing and identifying network vulnerabilities and providing a report that includes details of all identified vulnerabilities.

You can’t secure what you can’t see or don’t know. Deploying Mitintel provide organisations with real-time visibility of their global IT assets, regardless of location, providing actionable intelligence and response capabilities.

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