The Scalable market opportunity you cannot miss

SMB have been an easy target for Hackers. The segment has been vulnerable due to lower budgets, less cyber security awareness and skills internally – and stats are reflecting this vulnerability. They have been hit very hard and COVID has only accelerated this. They have a growing need for cyber security solutions and this is an undeniable opportunity for Mitigate Partners. 

The agenda

16:00 – Intro
16:05 – Mitigate Hub & Products
16:30 – Future Releases Road Map
16:35 – Commercials
16:45 – Partner Portal
16:50 – Questions & Answers

Get to know the speakers


Zain Javed

Co-Founder & CTO


Paul Leybourne

Head of Sales & Marketing

Key Webinar Learning

The Webinar on the 15th July will cover

The Current Market

The Target audience

Sales tips & tools

Partner programme & benefits

Introducing the Partner toolbox

How to get started

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