Cyber Christmas Countdown

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As we approach the Christmas period, many of us will be getting ready to pack up for the festive holidays. Wrapping up end-of-year tasks before we leave the office, end-of-term time for schools across the UK, and everyone shopping for gifts both on the high street and online. December is a hectic month for individuals and businesses alike, and cyber criminals are aware of this.

The Christmas period always sees a spike in cyber attacks with cyber criminals attempting to exploit vulnerabilities to compromise your data, devices, and finances. This year, in collaboration with North West Cyber Resilience Centre and South East Cyber Resilience Centre, we have created a Cyber Christmas Countdown, filled with our top tips and resources to help you remain secure and ready for the New Year.

Before You Leave the Office Checklist

Online security doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful, following some simple steps can be the difference in you falling victim to a cyber attack. Download our checklist to help prepare your business ahead of the Christmas break.


Top Tip!

New technology is one of the most popular Christmas gifts! However, using smart technology can come with many risks, especially before any security defences have been put in place. Cyber criminals commonly target these to gather your personal data and financial details. 

In order to minimise the risk of your new device being compromised, ensure:

Top Tip!

Due to the rise in new technology, tech support scams are used as a way to compromise your devices and networks. Tech support scams are one of the most reported fraud types, and can be done via phone call, SMS, and email. 


To reduce the risk of being deceived by this common cyber criminal tactic, remember:


Top Tip!

During the Christmas season, sales of counterfeit goods are at an all-time high. Those who have their hearts set on gifting a designer or luxury item can easily fall into the trap of heavily discounted items that are likely to be knock offs.


In order to avoid paying for fake products, ensure:

Predicted Cyber Trends for 2023!

Cyber attacks and online fraud are only getting more sophisticated through the years, and the average cyber consumer is more vulnerable than ever.

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself on a cyber battlefield is to be aware of new and emerging trends. The more knowledgeable you are about cyber attacks, the better equipped you will be to take necessary precautions. Therefore, organisations and individuals need to know which cyber trends to look for in 2023 if they want to stay ahead of the curve. 


Top Tip!

During the Christmas period, people are more inclined to donate to various charities and causes. However, cyber criminals are aware of this and will try to exploit this generosity with fake charity scams. 


In order to ensure your donations are going to a legitimate organisation: 

Top Tip!

With the rise in online purchases throughout December, cyber criminals are known to target and deceive individuals by sending fake communications posing as retailers or delivery services claiming there is a ‘problem’ with your package. 


If you receive one of these communications, look to ensure: 


Top Tip!

Over the past few years, gifting ecards for Christmas has become extremely popular. Many companies and retailers offer this service, and the Christmas period is prime time for cyber criminals to send fake ecards to unsuspecting recipients. 


In order to avoid being scammed by a fake ecard, ensure:

Cyber Security Tips Video!

Come back on the 23rd December to view the Cyber Security Tips video, created by our trusted partners North West Cyber Resilience Centre! 


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from Mitigate Cyber!

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